• POSTED: 10.22.2010
    Get Organized!

    A Quiz: How Organized Are You?

    Sometimes taking an honest look at our activities and lifestyle gives us clues as to where we can save time and reduce stress. In this exercise, answer “yes” or “no” to pinpoint certain stressful areas and to find out how organized you really are: 1. _____ Do you know how long it takes you to […]

  • POSTED: 10.15.2010
    Get Organized!, Time Management

    Seven Calendar Tips You Must Know To Save You Time

    I LOVE starting a new calendar. All those white squares each month represent breathing room, margin in our lives, and a relaxed pace. Can we really change? Yes, IF we get control of our time by controlling our calendar. That can be done by “tweaking” our lives in the new year with the following Time […]

  • POSTED: 10.15.2010
    Get Organized!

    What is Getting Organized and Simplifying Your Life?

    Ah, I hear the sound of waves gently rolling onto the shore. The sun warms my face, and my toes wiggle in the sand. For now my novel lies on my lap. And all I have to do is occupy myself until dinner is served. I can do whatever I want. I am living the […]

  • POSTED: 10.02.2010
    Family, Home Improvement

    15-Minute Kitchen Cleanup

    Cleanup can be done faster than you think. And there are only five steps to complete it in 15-minutes! 1. Clear the table and leave only the centerpiece. Load the dishwasher, collect hand-wash items, and put the leftovers away ASAP. Get the whole family involved to speed up the process. (Time: five minutes) 2. Set […]