• POSTED: 03.29.2012
    Get Organized!

    Family Room-Rate Yours Now

    How do you know if you have too much of something such as magazines, CDs/DVDs, and books? It all comes down to what fits in your space and how it looks. If you own more things than you have space, you have only two choices: downscale the quantity of items or increase the storage space. […]

  • POSTED: 03.14.2012
    Get Organized!

    Organize Your Books for Profit!

    Every book has value and can change your life. But deciding when some books should come off your bookshelves is an intentional and freeing next step. The process can give you: * New space and an organized look for your bookshelves! * Increase your Tax Deductions that will be a form of Income next year. […]

  • POSTED: 03.13.2012
    Get Organized!

    Organize CDs/DVDs Easily

    Simple Steps to Manage Your CDs/DVDs One thing to easily organize are your CDs and DVDs. What better time to listen or watch them than while you do it? Why Organize Your CDs/DVDs? The benefits for a one time sort for you include: * Saving space by returning loose ones to their cases or getting […]