• POSTED: 09.26.2012
    Personal Organization

    What’s Your Fine Line Between Margin and Overload?

    This morning I was at a breakfast business meeting and the video clip that was to play when I spoke, didn’t have any sound. My husband said something profound – It was on double speed and when that happens, you can’t hear anything. Sounds like what I expressed to you last week about my personal […]

  • POSTED: 09.18.2012
    Personal Organization

    My Trip to ER: Telltale Signs of Stress Overload!

    On a normal Monday morning in September I ended up in ER sobbing from the intensity of a piercing head pain! What a SCARE! Thankfully all turned out to be fine, but I clearly identified the culprit as Stress Overload. Here’s a Stress Checkup for both you and I today: Stress Overload to Pay Attention […]

  • POSTED: 09.12.2012

    6 Keys to Organize Children — and Yourself!

    To organize children (and yourself) for a new school year, it takes more than just buying school supplies and a new pair of jeans! There are ways to help your kids put their best foot forward and keep your sanity at home. Follow these tips and join our Online Class with a Chore Chart and […]