• POSTED: 01.31.2013
    Time Management

    Who’s in Control of Your Time?

    When I organize my clients, I often start with their calendar – the place that created the stressful lifestyle they are in. I suggest the following calendar tips to create the calm in your life you need to function at your best.

  • POSTED: 01.10.2013

    Organize Paper, Email, and Computer!

    NEW Online Organizing Course! Would you like to live clutterfree, create a smooth running home, & organize your paperwork, email and computer files? You can learn how to simplify these areas right now!

  • POSTED: 01.07.2013
    Get Organized!

    Reach Your Goals!

    I love the thought of “New Year, New You” . . . but can that really happen? I decided it takes two things to make that happen: New Information and New Habits. For me that means I am going to take a new course this month and I’m implementing a new time schedule that I’m so excited to share with you in our free January Club Class! Learn the 7 Steps to make any change in your life happen.