POSTED: 05.02.2013

3 Tips to Remember Anything!

TOPICS: Time Management

Do you find yourself forgetting things during the day that you intend to do? There’s an easy way to move from defeat to success with getting things done. Use the tools you have.

For April, I will include the link for my weekly interviews on Malaysia Business Radio. Wow, we are worldwide, aren’t we? Here is the first link for “Simplify Your Daily Schedule & Learn to Live Clutterfree”

3 Tips to Remember Anything!

1. Email yourself a Task.
When something pops up during the day, lst the task in only 2-3 words in the Subject Line. Start it with the Action Verb like “__Finish Taxes” vs. “Tasks.” Or “__Call for Dentist Appointment. vs. “Dentist Appointment.” That’s all you need to do.
Personally I like to put the underline in front of it so it stand out as a To Do from all the other Emails. Mentally I can check it off on that line.

2. Consistently Write a List in One Place.
Write things electronically in your Smart Phone or a paper Planner you refer to. Transition stage between paper and digital. Age is a factor.

3. Schedule It.
The great thing about a Smart Phone is you can schedule a task immediately. Put it on the hour or half hour at the best time you are likely to do it successfully i.e. afternoon or after work for outside work activities or calls. First thing in the morning for high priority tasks that take some time.
To simplify your day means getting done what you planned, avoiding what you don’t have or want to do, and using your best skills and passions each day with people you have learned to like.

Today’s Quote:
“Just as you can fit only so much into a closet or drawer, you can fit only so much into your waking hours.”–Author Julie Morgenstern

P.S Don’t forget to listen to my Malaysia interview here.

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2 Responses to “3 Tips to Remember Anything!

  1. Sam says:

    I’m the most forgetful person in the land, so I always email myself reminders and add a note on my phone. I haven’t forgotten anything in…oh…2 or 3 days. wholesale cleaning products

    • admin says:

      Good for you emailing a reminder to yourself. It works – as long as most of your In-Box is empty or you use capitol letters.

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