POSTED: 07.23.2012

Are You Winning at Living Your Olympic Lifestyle?

TOPICS: Get Organized!

The beginning of the world class Olympics (July 27- August 12) in London is almost here! It’s a time to be personally inspired. If your Olympian, what would your personal track be?

What Would Your Personal Olympic Gold Medals Include?
It could be something like graduation from high school or college. Getting married or buying a home or moving forward from one job to a better one. It could be reaching a certain level in your company or project. Something to celebrate.

Three Ways to Live Your Olympic Lifestyle

1) Jot down the last 3 things you are most proud of doing. Post it by your alarm clock and say, “Congratulations, you did it and you can do it again!” to yourself each morning.

2) Thank people who helped you achieve one of those Milestones. That will their day and yours, too.

3) Think back over your biggest milestone this past year. Perhaps you kept your job, had a baby, sent a child off to college, organized your paperwork, learned a new online skill. Celebrate your Success and make July your annual “Milestone Month” with me. It’s summer and a great time to reflect on all your accomplished in the past year.

* Share with us: “What Personal “Gold Medal” Have You Achieved?”

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