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This is my Birthday week and a significant year at that. I’m reaching it with mixed emotions, but tipping the scale ever so slightly to feeling excited about it. Moving to a new decade is a milestone however you feel about it!

Today I have 3 ways to celebrate and want to unveil a fascinating story of what I am doing for my Birthday Breakfast. Plus I will end this article with my Birthday Sale for you! All 6 Online Classes are on Sale: Organize Your Closet, Photos, Garage, Dress Fast and Fabulous, Organize Children, and your Holidays! Look for the Birthday Cake!

3 Way to Celebrate a Birthday
Here are three ways to celebrate your birthday. I’m doing all three.

1) Make It Memorable. Make a memory by thinking about what would be a wonderful day. After all it’s your day! Last year I made it memorable by kayaking on San Diego Bay with my husband one day and we painted my long desired living room and two story dining room. I’ve enjoyed the memory of both all year.

2) Receive Birthday Wishes Well. As others wish you well, be a gracious receiver. One leader sent a birthday card recently to someone in her group and he said it was the only one he received. Other people receive things they might be thrilled about, but be thankful. Someone thought of you on your special day!

3) Give a Gift to Others.
Each year I create a special offer for you,my email subscriber, because you are a vital part of my weekly life as I write all year. I want to help you!

My Memorable Upcoming Birthday – Bringing Hawaii to Us

My Dream Birthday is to be in Hawaii, mostly because I’ve never been there. (I know, I live in California and it’s just a plane ride away.) It wasn’t working out because of other circumstances. I do know someone there I met at a Billy Graham Crusade years ago who has kept in touch over the years. “Barbara” ended up homeless in Hawaii until this past May when someone got her a ticket to Florida where she used to live.

But alas, her boyfriend “Tom” was still homeless in Hawaii. They were two “50 something” year old people who finally found someone to love and care for in life. However he didn’t have money to get to her in Florida. Their heartache of being apart was a real love story in the making.

I woke up one morning with a brilliant idea for my birthday. Why not bring Hawaii to me since I couldn’t go there? That week my husband and I researched tickets until the price came down and then purchased “Tom’s” ticket to Florida. It just “happens” to go through San Diego to Florida. I got more excited about bringing Hawaii here than about me going there!

So on my birthday Monday July 30, I will be having breakfast with a homeless man “Tom” and my husband in the San Diego airport before sending “Tom” on to reunite with “Barbara” in Florida. It will be memorable for all of us! I can’t wait to see this love story with a happy ending!

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