• POSTED: 05.28.2014
    Get Organized!

    10 Moving Tips

    The words “We’re Moving!” can signal panic or possibilities once you apply these 10 Moving Tips. A move signals a need to quickly get organized before chaos descends and you are surrounded by unpacked boxes. Follow these 10 Moving Tips and you will turn chaos into calm control. I know, I’ve done seven cross country moves myself!

  • POSTED: 02.25.2014
    Digital Organizing

    7 Tips for Computer Organizing

    Are you ready for a higher level organizing step than paperwork and email, like computer organizing? For the first time, I’m going to share my secrets to successfully keep your Computer Files organized and find anything in seconds! With everything going digital, you’ll need to successfully organize your computer files or you’ll have a digital […]

  • POSTED: 02.07.2014
    Get Organized!

    3 Steps to Breeze Through Magazines

    Do you plan to relax and read your magazines, but wait so long you have to organize the magazines? Sometimes I do. Then it’s time to simplify by keeping only 1-3 articles and passing on the rest of the magazine. Check the date and keep the most recent. Have a marker handy to block out or cut out your address.

  • POSTED: 01.26.2014

    CLASS: “A 30 Day Time Makeover!”

    In just 30 days, you can learn to streamline your day, accomplish more with less stress, manage your time easily, & live a lifestyle you love! I love to teach important life skills and I can’t think of anything more important than managing your TIME and LIFE. I’ve been asked to teach my secrets and […]

  • POSTED: 01.14.2014
    Time Management

    “Power Planning” Time Management Tool

    Recently one of my cross country clients and I incorporated one tool that doubled her monthly income immediately, raised her team’s morale, and saved dozens of back and forth email time. It reminded me of the power of planning time management tools that successful people use regularly. Today here’s the first Power Planning Tool:

  • POSTED: 01.07.2014
    Get Organized!

    10 Tips for the New Year!

    To begin the New Year or any day you want a fresh start, there are 10 Tips you can do right away. Do the one that will benefit you the most first. Remember every organizing step counts toward the overall goal of simplifying your life. 1. Get a New Calendar Keep a monthly calendar in […]

  • POSTED: 09.24.2013
    Time Management

    1 Life, 1 Calendar

    There are only twenty-four hours in anyone’s day, and you don’t need to add to your stress by feeling fragmented and having things fall through the cracks. Your calendar– a single calendar should reflect a balanced and satisfying life for you. You can start that journey by consolidating your activities through living one life on one calendar.

  • POSTED: 09.06.2013
    Family, Get Organized!

    Organize Your Family

    I was a teacher before I became a Professional Organizer, so every fall I have this internal clock that says, “It’s time to organize your family.” I apply it to everything from cleaning up summer beach gear, organizing your office, and getting children ready for a smooth year ahead. Free Resource: The Children’s Job Chart […]

  • POSTED: 05.02.2013
    Time Management

    3 Tips to Remember Anything!

    Do you find yourself forgetting things during the day that you intend to do? There’s an easy way to move from defeat to success with getting things done. Use the tools you have.

  • POSTED: 04.16.2013
    Digital Organizing, Home Organizing

    Photo Organizing & Displays

    If you always wanted to get your digital photos organized and learn to display them attractively, learn from an Expert!

  • POSTED: 04.08.2013
    Get Organized!, Home Organizing

    Problem Solve On the Run

    Do you like to save time? Do something only once? Then learn to solve problems “on the run!”

  • POSTED: 01.31.2013
    Time Management

    Who’s in Control of Your Time?

    When I organize my clients, I often start with their calendar – the place that created the stressful lifestyle they are in. I suggest the following calendar tips to create the calm in your life you need to function at your best.

  • POSTED: 01.10.2013

    Organize Paper, Email, and Computer!

    NEW Online Organizing Course! Would you like to live clutterfree, create a smooth running home, & organize your paperwork, email and computer files? You can learn how to simplify these areas right now!

  • POSTED: 01.07.2013
    Get Organized!

    Reach Your Goals!

    I love the thought of “New Year, New You” . . . but can that really happen? I decided it takes two things to make that happen: New Information and New Habits. For me that means I am going to take a new course this month and I’m implementing a new time schedule that I’m so excited to share with you in our free January Club Class! Learn the 7 Steps to make any change in your life happen.

  • POSTED: 12.07.2012
    Get Organized!

    Simplify Your Holiday Season books

    The Simplify Your Holiday Season book with Planning Pocket and the companion book, Simply December Devotions, will turn your annual seasonal stress into Holiday Success! This will be a set of books you annually pull off your shelf.

    You can go through the book discussion questions with a group of friends or family or join the November-December classes at www.organizingpro.com. Everyone will be excited about the brand new ideas to make this your best holiday season ever!

  • POSTED: 12.05.2012
    Holiday Tips

    Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas

    Christmas is coming and the excitement is building, especially when you following good holiday decorating ideas for your home! Today’s tips are from Kathy Mays, one of my Holiday Experts featured in my newest book, Simplify Your Holiday Season. Do you have your copy yet? Here it is! 5 Tips to Decorate Your Holiday Home […]

  • POSTED: 11.27.2012
    Holiday Tips

    5 Money-Saving Holiday Gift Tips

    Money Saving Gift Tips are important. Why? The average family will create enough credit card debt at Christmas that it will take until the following May to pay it off! There is a less expensive way to survive.

    Decide which gifts you want and match them with sale ads. Check off the items on your Master Gift List and note any special limitations (i.e. price only effective for three hours, limit two per person). Prioritize the stores where you’ll shop according to limitations and values…..

  • POSTED: 10.09.2012
    Closet Organizing

    Save Space – Organize Your Closet Shelves!

    Today’s tips cover how organize your closet shelves. I even posted 8 pictures on Facebook from organizing my own closet recently to inspire you. Plus we have an Online Organizing Class for you to “Dress Fast and Fabulous Everyday!” What are the 3 Most Important Steps to Organize a Closet Shelf? Step #1 – Do […]

  • POSTED: 10.02.2012
    Home Organizing

    Organize Your Closet

    Have you organized your closet recently? Fall and Spring are ideal times to organize your clothes. I did our annual closet organizing and carried off SIX bags to charity! Now if I can find “donations,” you can, too! My Facebook pages show the Donating steps in Pictures! What’s the Fastest Way to Organize a Closet? […]

  • POSTED: 09.26.2012
    Personal Organization

    What’s Your Fine Line Between Margin and Overload?

    This morning I was at a breakfast business meeting and the video clip that was to play when I spoke, didn’t have any sound. My husband said something profound – It was on double speed and when that happens, you can’t hear anything. Sounds like what I expressed to you last week about my personal […]