• POSTED: 10.09.2012
    Closet Organizing

    Save Space – Organize Your Closet Shelves!

    Today’s tips cover how organize your closet shelves. I even posted 8 pictures on Facebook from organizing my own closet recently to inspire you. Plus we have an Online Organizing Class for you to “Dress Fast and Fabulous Everyday!” What are the 3 Most Important Steps to Organize a Closet Shelf? Step #1 – Do […]

  • POSTED: 01.03.2012
    Closet Organizing

    Class: Dress Fast and Fabulous Everyday!

    Wonder how to look great and save time getting dressed each morning? Fashion expert and image consultant Jill Swanson, author of the book “Simply Beautiful Inside and Out” and her popular DVD “Simply Scarves” is our Guest Expert to simplify our lives. Learn how to dress your best everyday with a strategy that will not […]

  • POSTED: 05.24.2011
    Closet Organizing

    Class:Organize Your Closet and Expand Your Wardrobe!

    Are you and your closet “looking good?” Achieve a well-organized closet so you don’t stress over having “nothing to wear.” Learn how to dress well and stretch your closet with what you have by following these three steps. You’ll feel like a new person after our closet makeover! Step 1. Hanging Clothes Work intentionally from […]