• POSTED: 05.28.2014
    Get Organized!

    10 Moving Tips

    The words “We’re Moving!” can signal panic or possibilities once you apply these 10 Moving Tips. A move signals a need to quickly get organized before chaos descends and you are surrounded by unpacked boxes. Follow these 10 Moving Tips and you will turn chaos into calm control. I know, I’ve done seven cross country moves myself!

  • POSTED: 02.07.2014
    Get Organized!

    3 Steps to Breeze Through Magazines

    Do you plan to relax and read your magazines, but wait so long you have to organize the magazines? Sometimes I do. Then it’s time to simplify by keeping only 1-3 articles and passing on the rest of the magazine. Check the date and keep the most recent. Have a marker handy to block out or cut out your address.

  • POSTED: 01.07.2014
    Get Organized!

    10 Tips for the New Year!

    To begin the New Year or any day you want a fresh start, there are 10 Tips you can do right away. Do the one that will benefit you the most first. Remember every organizing step counts toward the overall goal of simplifying your life. 1. Get a New Calendar Keep a monthly calendar in […]

  • POSTED: 09.06.2013
    Family, Get Organized!

    Organize Your Family

    I was a teacher before I became a Professional Organizer, so every fall I have this internal clock that says, “It’s time to organize your family.” I apply it to everything from cleaning up summer beach gear, organizing your office, and getting children ready for a smooth year ahead. Free Resource: The Children’s Job Chart […]

  • POSTED: 04.08.2013
    Get Organized!, Home Organizing

    Problem Solve On the Run

    Do you like to save time? Do something only once? Then learn to solve problems “on the run!”

  • POSTED: 01.07.2013
    Get Organized!

    Reach Your Goals!

    I love the thought of “New Year, New You” . . . but can that really happen? I decided it takes two things to make that happen: New Information and New Habits. For me that means I am going to take a new course this month and I’m implementing a new time schedule that I’m so excited to share with you in our free January Club Class! Learn the 7 Steps to make any change in your life happen.

  • POSTED: 12.07.2012
    Get Organized!

    Simplify Your Holiday Season books

    The Simplify Your Holiday Season book with Planning Pocket and the companion book, Simply December Devotions, will turn your annual seasonal stress into Holiday Success! This will be a set of books you annually pull off your shelf.

    You can go through the book discussion questions with a group of friends or family or join the November-December classes at www.organizingpro.com. Everyone will be excited about the brand new ideas to make this your best holiday season ever!

  • POSTED: 07.23.2012
    Get Organized!

    Are You Winning at Living Your Olympic Lifestyle?

    The beginning of the world class Olympics (July 27- August 12) in London is almost here! It’s a time to be personally inspired. If your Olympian, what would your personal track be? What Would Your Personal Olympic Gold Medals Include? It could be something like graduation from high school or college. Getting married or buying […]

  • POSTED: 06.20.2012
    Get Organized!

    Radio Interview: Simplify Your Space

    Do you know someone who has simplified their space? They have a clean home, organized office, and time to spare. They can be your envy or your model. But learn from them. Is it the size of their space – larger or smaller than yours? Do they alone or with a full household of family? […]

  • POSTED: 04.03.2012
    Get Organized!

    “Simplify Your Life” Groups: 7 Weeks to a NEW Organized You!

    Are you ready to REALLY get organized and stay that way? With teaching from The Organizing Pro, Marcia Ramsland, you can do that! Through a seven week DVD study, organizer Marcia Ramsland, author of Simplify Your Life, will teach you how to organize your home, your work, and your life. Learn new strategies to find […]

  • POSTED: 03.29.2012
    Get Organized!

    Family Room-Rate Yours Now

    How do you know if you have too much of something such as magazines, CDs/DVDs, and books? It all comes down to what fits in your space and how it looks. If you own more things than you have space, you have only two choices: downscale the quantity of items or increase the storage space. […]

  • POSTED: 03.14.2012
    Get Organized!

    Organize Your Books for Profit!

    Every book has value and can change your life. But deciding when some books should come off your bookshelves is an intentional and freeing next step. The process can give you: * New space and an organized look for your bookshelves! * Increase your Tax Deductions that will be a form of Income next year. […]

  • POSTED: 03.13.2012
    Get Organized!

    Organize CDs/DVDs Easily

    Simple Steps to Manage Your CDs/DVDs One thing to easily organize are your CDs and DVDs. What better time to listen or watch them than while you do it? Why Organize Your CDs/DVDs? The benefits for a one time sort for you include: * Saving space by returning loose ones to their cases or getting […]

  • POSTED: 02.08.2011
    Get Organized!, Time Management

    Four Important Steps to Get Things DONE!

    Do you get everything done in a day that you’d like to? There’s one way to do that – schedule it differently. Why? Because if what you’re doing isn’t leaving you satisfied, it’s time for a new approach. Here are four steps to make sure you realistically fit everything into a day. 1. List all […]

  • POSTED: 02.08.2011
    Get Organized!, Time Management

    How Can I Stay Organized?

    As I speak on organizing the comment often arises, “I get organized but then it all falls apart. How can I stay organized?” Good question. Here are 3 habits that can take you from frustrated to fantastic. Anyone can practice them. It takes one new action at a time and persistence. 1. Practice the “Two […]

  • POSTED: 01.07.2011
    Get Organized!, Home Improvement

    10 Daily Time Saving Habits

    The faster the pace of your life, the more organized you need to be. Excellent personal habits can save you a lot of time and distraction. And good time habits can give you the time you need to get things done. Let’s start with Ten Time Saving Tips for every day: 1) Make your bed […]

  • POSTED: 10.22.2010
    Get Organized!

    A Quiz: How Organized Are You?

    Sometimes taking an honest look at our activities and lifestyle gives us clues as to where we can save time and reduce stress. In this exercise, answer “yes” or “no” to pinpoint certain stressful areas and to find out how organized you really are: 1. _____ Do you know how long it takes you to […]

  • POSTED: 10.15.2010
    Get Organized!, Time Management

    Seven Calendar Tips You Must Know To Save You Time

    I LOVE starting a new calendar. All those white squares each month represent breathing room, margin in our lives, and a relaxed pace. Can we really change? Yes, IF we get control of our time by controlling our calendar. That can be done by “tweaking” our lives in the new year with the following Time […]

  • POSTED: 10.15.2010
    Get Organized!

    What is Getting Organized and Simplifying Your Life?

    Ah, I hear the sound of waves gently rolling onto the shore. The sun warms my face, and my toes wiggle in the sand. For now my novel lies on my lap. And all I have to do is occupy myself until dinner is served. I can do whatever I want. I am living the […]