• POSTED: 04.01.2015
    Spring Cleaning

    Spring Cleaning Tips

    Spring Cleaning is all about moving out the dust and cobwebs of winter to welcome sunshine and spring breezes to freshen your home inside. It is the process of transforming the dinginess of winter into the springtime feeling of a clean house. Whether you spend one day or one month at it, you can make an impact by jumping into spring cleaning purposefully.

  • POSTED: 07.07.2014
    Home Improvement

    What’s Your Current Project?

    Do you know your P.Q. ability for personal Project Management? Your P.Q. or “Project Quotient” determines how successful you will be even more than your I.Q. or “Intelligence Quotient.” Why? Because people who know how to manage projects immediately spot time roadblocks and work around them. Or turn them into opportunities by immediately making course […]

  • POSTED: 02.15.2011
    Home Improvement

    A Weekly Cleaning System that Works!

    A Weekly Cleaning Schedule is the backbone of staying on top of clutter. It frees up time since regular routines create order. The goal is to stay ahead of the dust and clutter without much effort. Here’s what you want to do in Weekly Cleaning so your house stays clean: l. Empty Wastebaskets. Believe it […]

  • POSTED: 01.07.2011
    Get Organized!, Home Improvement

    10 Daily Time Saving Habits

    The faster the pace of your life, the more organized you need to be. Excellent personal habits can save you a lot of time and distraction. And good time habits can give you the time you need to get things done. Let’s start with Ten Time Saving Tips for every day: 1) Make your bed […]

  • POSTED: 01.07.2011
    Home Improvement, Paperwork

    The Mail Toss

    The mail has been delivered. So what are you going to do once you’ve carried that mail from the mailbox? First, turn over the pile of mail and slit it open with a letter opener (unless it’s some junk mail, like another credit card come-on, that you can confidently toss right into the Recycle bin […]

  • POSTED: 01.07.2011
    Family, Home Improvement

    Never Tell a Child: “Go Clean Your Room!”

    What?! Yes, that’s right. Telling a child to “Go clean your room” is like telling an adult, “Go clean the garage or the basement!” It is overwhelming. Instead direct your child to one specific task: “Go make your bed,” or “Put away all your clothes,” or “Clean everything off the floor.” Five Steps to a […]

  • POSTED: 01.07.2011
    Family, Home Improvement

    10 Tips to Speed Up Laundry!

    While laundry will be an ongoing part of life, it doesn’t have to be never ending. Here are some tips to stay on track through the most difficult parts, sorting and putting away: 1. Place a wall clock above the washer and dryer. 2. Be ready to move clothes to the next step after thirty […]

  • POSTED: 10.02.2010
    Family, Home Improvement

    15-Minute Kitchen Cleanup

    Cleanup can be done faster than you think. And there are only five steps to complete it in 15-minutes! 1. Clear the table and leave only the centerpiece. Load the dishwasher, collect hand-wash items, and put the leftovers away ASAP. Get the whole family involved to speed up the process. (Time: five minutes) 2. Set […]