• POSTED: 03.30.2015
    Home Organizing

    WBCL “Messiest Room” Contest

    Radio Station WBCL hosted a “Messiest Room Contest and our “Before and After” library of client pictures will motivate you, too! Be inspired that ANYTHING you face can be organized! With my Organizing Courses and ACTION PLANS, clients are accomplishing things they never thought they could! Here’s the Winner of the “Messy Room” contest put […]

  • POSTED: 04.16.2013
    Digital Organizing, Home Organizing

    Photo Organizing & Displays

    If you always wanted to get your digital photos organized and learn to display them attractively, learn from an Expert!

  • POSTED: 04.08.2013
    Get Organized!, Home Organizing

    Problem Solve On the Run

    Do you like to save time? Do something only once? Then learn to solve problems “on the run!”

  • POSTED: 10.02.2012
    Home Organizing

    Organize Your Closet

    Have you organized your closet recently? Fall and Spring are ideal times to organize your clothes. I did our annual closet organizing and carried off SIX bags to charity! Now if I can find “donations,” you can, too! My Facebook pages show the Donating steps in Pictures! What’s the Fastest Way to Organize a Closet? […]