POSTED: 02.25.2014

7 Tips for Computer Organizing

TOPICS: Digital Organizing

Are you ready for a higher level organizing step than paperwork and email, like computer organizing? For the first time, I’m going to share my secrets to successfully keep your Computer Files organized and find anything in seconds!

With everything going digital, you’ll need to successfully organize your computer files or you’ll have a digital mess on your hands. No more! Read below.

7 Tips to Easily Organize Your Computer Files

Digital clutter can be cumbersome, but once you know how to clean it up, you’ll feel set free from chaos! See these Computer Organizing examples live in Part II of our Wednesday Webinar March 12.

1.Create Your Documents “Big Picture.” Organize your computer documents by creating “Folders” of the main activities you participate in or have the most files about such as:
Rotary (or any group you belong to)

2.Store “Like with Like.” In each Folder you will put Files related to the Topic. If there are several categories within a topic, create Folders with a right click and “New Folder.”

Example: The Folder “Personal” can have more folders in it like: Directions, Donations, Family Reunion, Gift Ideas, Health, Parties, People, Vacations

3.Simplify with Folders. Unending lists of documents are visual clutter. But when you can put 10-100 files in one folder on a topic, it’s much simpler to find.

4.Coordinate and Consolidate. When you coordinate documents, you label them either by alphabetical order or by numbers such as the year. When you create a file for similar topic documents, you consolidate.
2011 Vacation
2012 Vacation
2013 Vacation

5.Be Consistent. Standardize your document titles so your eye can glance down all the similar topics and easily find the file you need.
Article – Instructions for Life 1 pg
Article – Leadership & Teamwork 3 pgs
Article – Listening Skills 8 pgs

6.Rename the “Odd Balls.” Oddballs are those documents that don’t have a good folder they fit in and dangle at the end of your Folders. Rename and find their category folder or create a Folder called “Personal” or “General” to put them in.

7.Get Your Zzzzzz’s Out of the Way! When working on revisions of a document, I want only the newest document to be at the top of the list. So I put a “z” in front of the older file(s) and it moves to the bottom of the alphabet list. It’s still there to refer to, but easy to delete all the “Zzzzz’s” when a project is done.

Once you know how to clean files up, you’ll avoid a future digital mess and feel set free from chaos with everything at your fingertips!

Today’s Quote:
“The most organized people constantly improve their systems to save time and get better results.” — Marcia Ramsland, Simplify Your Life

P.S. In our Webinar Series Part I and II, we just finished the topics of organizing Paperwork and Email and Wednesday we will cover organizing Computer Files by showing you actual step-by-step examples how to do that! Register HERE

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