POSTED: 01.03.2012

Class: Dress Fast and Fabulous Everyday!

TOPICS: Closet Organizing

Wonder how to look great and save time getting dressed each morning? Fashion expert and image consultant Jill Swanson, author of the book “Simply Beautiful Inside and Out” and her popular DVD “Simply Scarves” is our Guest Expert to simplify our lives.

Learn how to dress your best everyday with a strategy that will not only having you feeling comfortable and confident, but save you time and money in the process. Go from frumpy to fabulous in minutes!

You will learn:

* How to create “Grab & Go” outfits that will save you time

* 4 Personal Choices for dressing: Function, Fashion, Passion, or Reaction

* Accessory Encores that will have you styling up to the next level

* Makeup Tips that will bring out your best

* Ideas on how to dress your Passion and your Personality

* A Simple Formula for choosing what to wear every day of the week

* The Silent Language of clothing color and style

Whether you are dressing your style, in style or with style – this class will give you answers and strategies to make it all faster and easier. Join us for an entertaining, educational and enlightening class!

Dress Fast and Fabulous to Look Your Best Everyday!

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$15 Registration Fee includes Teleclass and Handouts. ( 1 hour Class)

This class is recorded so you can listen right now!
Handouts are included and ready to download once you register.

“This was really good. It felt like you were here with me in my living room.”
Sandy V., CA

Recommended Materials

Simply Beautiful – Inside and Out book by Jill Krieger Swanson.
Available at:

Dress Fast and Fabulous to Look Your Best Everyday!

Register for Class Here

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  1. Joanne Wong says:

    Can we purchase the webcast discussion you had with Jill? Missed
    it and would love to hear it. Thank you! Joanne W

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