POSTED: 03.29.2012

Family Room-Rate Yours Now

TOPICS: Get Organized!

How do you know if you have too much of something such as magazines, CDs/DVDs, and books? It all comes down to what fits in your space and how it looks.

If you own more things than you have space, you have only two choices: downscale the quantity of items or increase the storage space. I prefer to downscale first, because it looks and functions better.

Family Room Checklist

You can be your own professional organizer by asking yourself these 10 questions.
Then change things up until you get all ‘yes’ answers!

1. Is the coffee table clutter free and attractive?

2. Are the end tables ready to use and piles gone?

3. Is the TV guide and remote put away but easy to access?

4. Are the DVDs and CDs in a drawer or container near where they are used?

5. Are toys sorted and neatly stored?

6. Are the bookshelves working for everyone?

7. Are current magazines available and the old ones recycled?

8. Are catalogs out of sight but easy to reach?

9. Does the newspaper have a daily or weekly rotation cycle and look neat?

10. Is my family room the organized and comfortable room we call “home”?

Tips from “The Decorating Coach,” by Susan Wells in Simplify Your Space

Bookshelves don’t have to be boring. Adorn the top of a stack of books with a family photo. The picture, frame, and matting should harmonize with the area.

Don’t cram your books together—leave room to focus on the beauty of each collection. Accent a grouping with a vase or pillar candle. …Finally, conceal papers and necessities in richly woven storage baskets artfully placed throughout the shelving.

(Excerpt from Chapter 3 of Simplify Your Space by Marcia Ramsland)

What’s the hardest part about keeping your family room (area) clean?
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  1. Ashley says:

    Do you have any tip on how to get the kids to stay organized?

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