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Marcia, I feel like I know you! I treasure the tips you send and have a special email storage folder where I store them all (hmmm...where did I learn that?). Just want to share that your insights have made a difference in my life. There is always that one little thing that speaks to me, that I can relate to and implement. As you are well aw


Love the NEW Website!

Marcia, I love your new website!!! The Calla Lillies are so beautiful and you look amazing..so fresh, crisp and casual looking!!! Jan O., Rancho Bernardo, CA jan

Jan O., Rancho Bernardo, CA

Online Organizing Classes

Online Classes are the best way to save time and apply organizing ideas and simplify your life. You don’t need to work harder, you need new ideas! Now you can do that with our inspiring online classes. You will receive the class link right after you order!

A 30 Day TIME Makeover

An Online Coaching Course
“A 30 Day TIME Makeover” with Organizing Coach Marcia Ramsland will teach you strategic time management secrets to streamline your day, accomplish more in less time, & live a lifestyle you love! Through four Weekly Webinars, two 1-on-1 Coaching sessions, weekly accountability, you’ll manage your TIME well for the rest of your life! You’ll learn what over 1,500 people did when they downloaded her famous “Time Tracker” from her Better Homes and Garden “Time Makeover” Coaching article. The course book is Simplify Your Time.
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Organize ALL Your Papers

A Proven Plan to Put Your Life in Order!
“Organize ALL Your Papers” Coaching Class is a Proven Plan to put your papers in order – and your life! No more paper piles, late bills, lost receipts, or scramble for tax time. Three webinars, “Before and After” photos, and optional 1-on-1 Coaching sessions will teach you how to get all your papers in order!The course book is Simplify Your Space.
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Bringing Simplicity Home!

Room by Room Organizing to Live Clutter-Free
“Bringing Simplicity Home” is THE Course to achieve your dream of living clutter-free at home. No more clutter in the four busiest rooms at home: bedroom & closet, kitchen & refrigerator, family living spaces, and bathrooms & laundry area. Four Webinars, step-by-step Action Plans, two Coaching sessions, weekly accountability, and “Before & After” photos will bring simplicity to your home! The course book is Simplify Your Space.

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“Simplify Your Life” DVD Course

Includes DVDs, Book, Workbook, CD
The “Simplify Your Life: Get Organized and Stay that Way” is the key signature class to organize your whole life in 7 sessions on DVDs. The course covers managing your home, your time, paperwork, email, computer files, family, holidays and projects. The paper organizing and folding demonstrations will inspire you to organize your home, your time, and life. The package includes all DVDs, Book, Workbook, & CD and a Bonus session.
For Groups or Individuals.

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Online Webinars with Powerpoint pictures allow you to see organizing photos, tips, and systems just like you are sitting in the front row of class! You get the best seat and every class has something new that will save you time and organize your life.

Webinar #1: Photo Organizing (Digital) & Displays

Learn how to organize digital photos easily, why it takes less time than you think, and how you can display them to enjoy in your home or office. Rendi President, Annie Danielson teams up with The Organizing Pro, Marcia Ramsland to display photos stylishly. (1 hour Webinar with Powerpoint Pictures)

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Webinar #2: Proverbs 31-Women in Action!

Proverbs 31 is a masterpiece of time management principles and the longest passage in the Bible on women. This practical and inspiring Bible Study gives a new twist to be God’s woman in action every day. It will give you direction and change your life!(1 hour)

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Webinar #3: How to Write a Book

From the First Word to the First Sale!
Learn step-by-step directions to choose a catchy title, great outline, organize your computer writing files, and keep yourself on track. Organize your writing time and book outline right from the start. Tips and Step-by-Step inspiration from Marcia Ramsland, author of over 100,000 sold books. (Webinar with Handout)
$99 ($169 value)

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Webinar #4: Webinar #4:”Simplify Your Life” Online Course

Simplify Your Life!
The “Simplify Your Life: Get Organized and Stay that Way! is a series of 7 sessions ONLINE. (1 hour each) will inspire you to organize your home, your time, and life. Also your paperwork, email, computer files, family, holidays and projects. Available immediately to watch online. Includes Book, Workbook, CD.
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Online Audio Organizing Classes allow you to download handouts and listen at your computer to fast paced and thorough training on the topic. Once you register, you can take the class on your computer, jot down some notes, and download any handouts.

Class #1: “Organize Your Closet Today!”

Learn step-by-step how to achieve a well-organized closet with clothes and outfits you actually wear. Learn how to organize your closet, dress well and stretch your closet with what you have. You’ll feel like a new person after our closet makeover! (1 Hour Audio with Handout)

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Class #2: “Organize Your Print Photos!”

Professional Photo Organizer and owner of the photo organizing company ”Out of the Box,” Melinda Hollis, walks you through 10 Important Steps to get your photos organized and start enjoying the memories. Got boxes of photos? This is the class you’ve been looking for to change that! (1 Hour Audio with Handout) $25

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Class #3: Organize Your Garage!

It’s time to clean out the garage! Learn to sort, declutter, sweep out, donate, and find clear space without making a bigger mess. Learn how to maximize each wall space and the proper categories to include such as “His Wall” and “Her Wall.” With a clear plan, the whole family can join in to get the garage clean in a weekend. (1 Hour Audio with Handout) Suggested Class Book: Simplify Your Space

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Class #4: Dress Fast and Look Fabulous

Wonder how to get dressed quickly and confidently look put together? Fashion Expert Jill Swanson will teach you how to dress your best every day with a strategy that will not only having you feeling comfortable and confident, but save you time and money. Go from frumpy to fabulous in minutes! (1 Hour Audio with Handout)

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Class #5: Organize Your Children and Family

Help your kids put their best foot forward and succeed this year. Learn to organize kids’ papers, get them to clean their room, take the rush out of school mornings, the perfect Memory Book for the “uncrafty” Mom, and more! Includes 20 page downloadable booklet “Ages and Stages of Getting Children Organized.” (1 Hour Audio with Handout)

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Class #6: Reach Your Goals!

Discover how to set and reach your goals to move ahead in life! Learn the difference between a Goal, a Bucket List, and a New Year’s Resolution and put it to work for you. Learn the 7 Steps to Make Any Change and how you can maximize what you do on the weekends to move forward easily. (1 Hour Audio with Handout) $25

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Once you register for an Online Organizing Class, you can take the class on your computer, jot down some notes, and get busy organizing like a Pro. Pick one, two or three Online Classes and get a front row seat– right now!