POSTED: 03.13.2012

Organize CDs/DVDs Easily

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Simple Steps to Manage Your CDs/DVDs

One thing to easily organize are your CDs and DVDs. What better time to listen or watch them than while you do it?

Why Organize Your CDs/DVDs?
The benefits for a one time sort for you include:

* Saving space by returning loose ones to their cases or getting a new CD/DVD holder.
* Earning some cash by reselling ones you no longer have interest in.
* Realize you have too many once you pull them altogether.
* Discovering you and your tastes have changed!

5 Simple Steps to Manage Your CDs and DVDs

Organize one collection at a time. The principles are the same, but I suggest do the one that’s most annoying first. One area successfully organized will motivate you to do the other quickly.

1. Group. Gather all CDs and their cases on a table to sort. Check your family room, car and closet.

2. Edit. Match up all cases. Decide which holders you like best and use those. Edit out the rest.

3. Sort. Sort CDs by topic. Categories could be music, comedy, inspiration, photo/videos, blanks, or “Listen or Watch and Pass On!” Pitch ones that skip, have old info, or you don’t like. Sell others online at a site like

4. Keep. Keep your favorite CDs in labeled holders or storage cases. If they are good reminders of a time in your life or inspire you, they deserve a label. For holders check out: or

5. Extra. The extra “Listen/Watch and Giveaways?” Walk, listen at work, or watch while doing desk work.

The Goal: Organize your CD & DVD collection to enjoy with easy access. Better yet switch over to the digital age and upload or download on iTunes.

“How do you Organize and Manage Your CDs/DVDs?”
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