POSTED: 10.09.2012

Save Space – Organize Your Closet Shelves!

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Today’s tips cover how organize your closet shelves. I even posted 8 pictures on Facebook from organizing my own closet recently to inspire you. Plus we have an Online Organizing Class for you to “Dress Fast and Fabulous Everyday!”

What are the 3 Most Important Steps to Organize a Closet Shelf?

Step #1 – Do One Shelf at a Time
Either start with the shelf that will make the most difference or start with the one you can be most successful at. On my Facebook pictures, you can see I started with the messiest shelf and then worked upward to the blue bins.

Step #2 – Label a Shelf or Bin When You Finish
Labeling what you organize immediately is one of the secrets to staying organized. It also helps you cut your clean up time in half if you put it away right before you put it down.

Step #3 – Donate Immediately What You Don’t Like or Use
Donations and getting things right out of the closet and your home will give you a sense of accomplishment and keep it from migrating back into your closet. Learn to love clean space and put things away to keep it that way.

Visit Facebook = “Marcia Ramsland-Your Organizing Pro” – 8 Organize Your Closet pictures!

Did you know this fact about how well people listen to you?

“In order to develop trust and believability it is
* 7% what you say
* 38% how you say it and
* 55% what you looked like when you said it!”

Wow! Now that’s a reason to organize your closet to look good when you walk out the door each morning! My Friend and Fashion Consultant, Jill Swanson, and I recorded an Online Class so you can get in on the secrets to get Dressed Fast and Look Fabulous Every Day!

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3 Responses to “Save Space – Organize Your Closet Shelves!”

  1. Using bins really very useful to organize and put together
    each stuff.thanks for the tips.

  2. Yesenia Cuddy says:

    We live in a condo and have regular closets. I would kill to have a walk in closet. Right now we use the second bedroom that’s also our home office for storage. It’s really pathetic. We keep our seasonal stuff packed in Fresh Direct boxes. We are about to install our new custom closet bought from Toronto, Canada I will surely take these ideas into consideration. Thanks a bunch for your share.

    • admin says:

      Closet organizing systems seem like expensive but they really help! And the company usually helps you maximize your space with diagrams. Keep us posted on how it’s going – and give away the cardboard boxes!

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