POSTED: 03.14.2012

Organize Your Books for Profit!

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Every book has value and can change your life. But deciding when some books should
come off your bookshelves is an intentional and freeing next step. The process can give you:

* New space and an organized look for your bookshelves!
* Increase your Tax Deductions that will be a form of Income next year.
* Bring in cash for a garage sale or online sales opportunity (
* Create room for new books with your new interests.

1) Sort your books into “Keep” or “Giveaway” piles. “Giveaway” would be ones you have had long enough, you don’t plan to read again, and know someone else would benefit from. “Keep” means they are your favorite and you’ll read them again.

2) Organize your books by categories. Label a shelf or section (always a good idea when organizing) to maintain order “Novels,” “Reference Books,” “My Favorites,” etc.

3) Limit your collection to the size of your bookshelves. Books piled sideways on top of other books, telltale stacks on a night stand, or dusty books are signs it’s time to organize your books!

My story: When we were moving from Dallas back to San Diego, my book count was 450 books, all “Treasures” I couldn’t part with (You know the feeling!). The collection had expanded to the many built in bookcases in that house, but which I didn’t have in the new house! So intentionally I went through each book on the shelf (left to right), held it and decided “ Keep or Go?”

The “Go” pile got sorted into:

Donate at Charity
Donate to Library
Offer to Friends (With their name on a Post-It note.)

I felt better having a place for them to go to and cut my book collection into almost half at 250 books.
It worked! I felt lighter, saved moving expense money, and realized I could let go. You can, too!

Where do you sell, donate, or giveaway books?

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