POSTED: 09.12.2012

6 Keys to Organize Children — and Yourself!

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To organize children (and yourself) for a new school year, it takes more than just buying school supplies and a new pair of jeans! There are ways to help your kids put their best foot forward and keep your sanity at home. Follow these tips and join our Online Class with a Chore Chart and ‘How to Get Your Kids to Clean Their Room’ tips in class.

6 Keys to Organize Your Children and Yourself:

1. Kids Papers: Have a specific place and folder for each child’s papers. Deal with papers each day so their backpack is ready to grab and go in the morning. Accumulated papers get filed in their room in a folder or a 3-ring binder.

2. Lunches and Snacks: List school lunches & snack list. Children can make their own lunches if there is a good list to choose from. During dinner cleanup, pack part of the lunch so the morning goes smoother. Be sure to have vegetables and a fruit with each meal.

3. Dinner Menus: List menus and times for this week’s dinners. It’s amazing how kids and adults look forward to mealtime. By 4th grade they should be making one dinner a week for the family.

4. Child’s Room: Have a workspace to do homework and a bedspread they like. On the weekend put clothes, books, and papers, and clutter away. They will do better heading off to school each Monday with an organized room.

5. Clothes Outfits: Have five outfits they like for the school week. Pass on clothes they don’t like anymore in the fall and spring. They’ll feel better about themselves if they dress in something they chose.

6. Weekly Schedule: Use a simple 3 x 5 card to list what regularly happens each week day. Include agreed upon rising times and bedtimes for 8 hours of sleep. Include 1-3 chores kids are responsible for.

With life’s hectic pace, one important area to organize is your home life. The goal is everyone would leave home happy and secure to face the day ahead and come back to their favorite place – home!

Online Class: Organize Your Children and Family!
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Help your kids put their best foot forward and succeed this year. Be the organized parent–and family–you always wanted to be. In this class you will learn how to:

• How to keep your kids school papers organized
• What’s important in setting up their room
• How to take the frantic rush out of school mornings.
• Why you should NEVER say “Go clean your room!”
• How to motivate your child to clean their room anyway!
• The perfect Memory Book for the “uncrafty” Mom

Registration fee includes 20 page downloadable booklet “Ages and Stages of Getting Children Organized” by Marcia Ramsland.

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