POSTED: 06.30.2014

Pack Your Suitcase like a Pro!

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Pack your suitcase like a Pro and reduce your stress by creating a master Vacation Pack List. With summer vacation trips, you might be pulling out your suitcase with mixed emotions: I love vacation, but I hate the packing! No need to stress any more when you can pack like a Pro!

That happened to a client of mine while packing for a 6 month move overseas – and only 1 suitcase for clothes! Here’s the actual photo of her suitcase and Pack List we did that might inspire you.

CLOTHES PACK LIST – Organized by Marcia Ramsland and Jan

Simplify your packing and reduce your stress by creating a master Vacation Pack List. Keep each trip Pack List on the same size paper and update on each trip. Add other “Don’t Forget” essential items like toothbrush,vitamins, and sunscreen regular for each location. You’ll relax when you can pull out your list each time you travel whether you’re going to Hawaii or New York City.

The 5 Day Packing Countdown

Count the number of vacation days and list number of outfits (1 per day generally)you need on paper or in your smart phone. Use the same shoe colors to save room. Mix and match tops and bottoms for more outfits and less items. AND practice this 5 Day Countdown:

(Note: If you are only going to be gone 1-3 days, condense it into 3 days.)

5 days before: Cover mail pickup, newspaper, pet arrangements and lawn care. Get a haircut, pedicure, and a new magazine the week before so you can wiggle your toes in the sand and look great in all your vacation pictures.

4 days before: Clear your desk and wrap up all paper and emails. Put airline tickets or car
directions in a special folder to take along and find easily on your trip. Put your Pack List in, too!

3 days before: Do all the laundry and pack the essentials today. Refer to your Travel Notebook (small ring binder or a list on your iPhone or iPad). Add things to remember every trip until it was fine tuned

2 days before: Empty the frig and get snacks or food ready.

1 day before: Close down email, pack your suitcase, and get a good night’s sleep.

Now you’re ready! Be sure to leave anything behind that stresses you. Pack up and head out the door for a great time. I’m confident you will have a fresh perspective when you come back.

Are You Staying Home? Create an Organized Retreat

JULY FOCUS: “Organize Your Home”

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1-on-1 Summer Coaching through Any Home Project

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  1. Jan Orphan Martinez says:

    Marcia, THANK YOU for helping me pack 6 months worth of clothes into one suitcase! The suitcase (photo with this article) is still organized after a month here. So easy to find my clothing because of the way you taught me. You are the BEST!!! Jan

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