POSTED: 07.07.2014

What’s Your Current Project?

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Do you know your P.Q. ability for personal Project Management? Your P.Q. or “Project Quotient” determines how successful you will be even more than your I.Q. or “Intelligence Quotient.” Why? Because people who know how to manage projects immediately spot time roadblocks and work around them. Or turn them into opportunities by immediately making course adjustments to still accomplish their goal.

What’s Your P.Q.? (Project Quotient)
I invite you to take this quiz and make a successful change in your life very soon. Answer each question with A, B, C, D, or E which stands for:
A. 1-3 months ago
B. 4-12 months ago
C. 1-3 years ago
D. 3-10 years ago
E. Never

When was the last time you:
1. ___ bought a new outfit and wore it?
2. ___ returned an item and got your money back?
3. ___ invited company over for dinner?
4. ___ took a vacation?
5. ___ got a new hairstyle?
6. ___ redecorated a room at your house?
7. ___ washed and vacuumed your car?
8. ___ completed your taxes before March 30?
9. ___ put money in a savings account?
10. ___ wrote down a list of dreams for the rest of your life?

Where Do You Rate?

If the majority of your answers were in the A and B categories, you have a good chance of accomplishing more projects very soon. If most of your answers were in the C, D, and E range, you need to get your momentum going again.

Your answers are an indicator of three things:
· how rusty you are at making changes in your life.
· how well you follow through on things you initiate.
· how much thought you have put into the next couple years of your life.

Your Project Quotient (P.Q.) is the secret to clearing time and space clutter in life, whether it’s painting a room, clearing a paper pile, saving money for the future, or fixing an annoying computer issue. Once you learn to initiate and complete projects, you will be a whiz at simplifying your life.
Here are examples of past Phone Clients “Before and After.” For current examples of Summer Coaching VIEW HERE.

Kitchen “Before and After:” Is There Hope? Yes!

Master Bedroom “Before and After:” Cluttered to Beautiful!

For more examples go to More Information


Question: What’s a project you never got around to finishing but could do with direction and accountability from Marcia that would improve your life? Reply Here

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  1. Jackie Johnson says:

    My daughters are now 30 and 26; sad to say, other than their first couple years of childhood, all the years after that, the pictures we took are in a big box, unlabeled and unorganized. The grandchildren are arriving now!!

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