POSTED: 01.07.2013

Reach Your Goals!

TOPICS: Get Organized!

Upgrade your life by setting and reaching your goals! Learn the Difference in a New Year’s Resolution, a Bucket List, a Goal and why that matters! Learn the 7 Steps to Make Any Change and why it’s important what you do on the weekends.

In this Exciting 1 Hour Online Class We will Cover:

1.The 7 Steps to Successfully Make Any Change in Your Life!

2. What’s the Difference in a New Year’s Resolution, a Bucket List, and a Goal and Why That Matters!

3. Marcia’s NEW “Day to Day” Time Management Technique to Get More Done

4. Why It’s Important What You Do on the Weekends

5. How 21 Days Can Actually Make a New You!

What Goal Would Really Improve Your Life?”

Here is a list of 15 ideas to stimulate your thinking from my book, Simplify Your Holiday Season. Write your own list of goals AND one habit change you would like to succeed at in the coming year. Think big!

• Find a regular exercise program I like.

• Eat healthier every meal.

• Get to bed on time and wake up rested!

• Reorganize and upgrade my office.

• Create a budget and save for my dream car.

• Plan one enjoyable activity per 52 weekends.

• Trade childcare for more personal time.

• Get together monthly with a good friend.

• Become team manager for my son’s sports team.

• Go on my bucket list dream vacation.

• Call parents/grandparents once a week.

• Send out birthday cards (or birthday emails) on time.

• Join a new group.

• Wrap up leadership responsibility in current organization.

• Complete a degree over the next three years.

• Prioritize my life and say “no” with confidence.

Participant Comment:

“I have really enjoyed the book and the November and December Club Classes. This year, because of the book and classes (which I’ve really enjoyed), I have organized my holidays and so far there has been no stress. Thank you for helping me get my holidays organized!”

– Anna R., Montana

If I can help people simplify their holiday season through a book and class, then we will certainly give you an energizing fresh start to reach your goals any time of the year!

Register and take the inspiring 1 Hour Online Class “Reach Your Goals!”

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