What is “5 DAY RESET & Beyond”?

I love to coach people to  simplify their time and space. But another lifestyle change I coach is to live a healthy lifestyle with the RESET and BEYOND program! My Team and I have been helping people get healthy and maintain their Target Weight through this simple program.

Personally I’ve found one great way to simplify your life is to get and stay healthy. The program I personally follow is simple . . . AND we will coach you through everyday of it to form a lasting healthier lifestyle which is key to simplifying your life.

For five days you replace your meals and snacks and get out walking.  The program also includes world-class nutritional supplements, which provide your body with the essential micro nutrients you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Afterward we do a free weekly call for 5 weeks to walk you through the Transform and Maintain stage. It works!

Our NEXT RESET Program includes:

  • A Preliminary Phone Consultation
  • Monday-Friday Daily Coaching
  • A Prep Coaching Call
  • BiWeekly Check Ins
  • Coaching and Meals for Your New Lifestyle!

“What Can You Expect from the
“Five Day RESET and Beyond” Program?

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Each month Healthy for Life Certified Team Leader Marcia Ramsland (me), RESET Health Coach Shelley Thompson, and Personal Trainer Kelly Cunningham train a new team of people through the “Five Day RESET and Beyond” program. Why? Because we believe you will live healthier and happier by making healthy lifestyle changes once you know how and why.

To begin we prepare you for your Monday-Friday RESET program with one-on-one coaching. Then each day the team does their 5 Day RESET Call-In Conference Call at an agreed upon time to be trained and report in on your walk, weight, and waist improvements for the day. We continue with a weekly Conference Call to help you make this a permanent lifestyle change. It’s actually fun to participate when you are on a support team like this!

Team members that are on the Coaching Call every day lose weight and achieve much more success than those that try the program on their own. We know – we’ve taken almost a dozen groups through the program and many have gone on to lose 20-30 pounds with our coaching.

It will be a fresh start to a new Lifestyle! Are you ready to make a change? You can!

Why Will RESET Work when Other Diets Don’t?
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Reset™ five-day meal replacement program will jump-start  people taking positive steps toward reaching their health and weight-loss goals. Simply replace all of your meals for five days with USANA® Foods shakes and bars and one serving of fruit and one serving of vegetables to release fat and energize your health.

Nutrimeal drink mixes are low-glycemic providing complex carbohydrates, complete proteins, 8 grams of fiber, and other vital nutrients. With only 230 calories, a delicious glass of Nutrimeal will satisfy your hunger while helping you lose weight.

Nutrition Bars are a delicious, healthy snack, providing a beneficial energy source
in a flavorful bar. They provide healthy carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Nutrition Bars are available in two delicious varieties: Oatmeal Raisin and Peanut Butter Crunch.

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This is the company that Marcia has trusted since 1998 with her daughter’s serious health crisis happened.

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