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Simplify for Success

National Radio Class
 on "Midday Connection"

 January 10 - April 18, 2011

"Mondays with Marcia on Midday" teaching Simplify Your Life-7 Weeks to a NEW "Organized You!

For CLASS DETAILS and Materials go to
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Are you looking for a way to get organized without hiring someone,
or devoting all your
weekends to it?
Today you can be one of the smart people who
organized. . . and actually stays
that way!"


BEST BUY! Includes one of Every Resource!
$199.00 (Save $64.00)

Attention: Busy Women (and Men) Looking to Simplify and Organize Life!
Do you want to organize your life and stay that way? Today you can! Right now EVERYTHING you need is in our Deluxe "One of EVERYTHING" Package. A complete plan for personal, home, and work organization. It even includes our new DVDs "7 Weeks to a New You!", Workbook, and Leader's Guide download. Wow!!! »More Info
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7 Week DVD Book & Bible Study Package

 "SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE...7 Weeks to a New You!" DVD Package
 A Life Changing Study!
$75.00 (Regular $98) Includes DVDs, Book, Workbook, and CD

    Is it really possible to simplify your life in 7-weeks? The answer is a resounding "YES!" IF you have the right tips and systems in place. With fast-paced, step-by-step instructions, you and your friends can simplify your lives together going through the study. Perfect for Group or Individual Study.
    The 7-Week "Simplify Your Life" Book and Bible Study DVD Series features Marcia Ramsland herself teaching  seven 30 minute segments to simplify all areas of your life! Includes DVDs, Book, and Workbook to lead you Step-by-Step on how to simplify your life!

              Complete Package: DVDs, Workbook, & Simplify Your Life Book
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The Three-Book "SIMPLIFY FOR SUCCESS" Series

The 3-Book "Simplify for Success" Series
Best Book Buy: All Three Books
$39.00 (Save $6.00)

The 3-Book Trio by The Organizing Pro (Thomas Nelson Publisher) contains the most practical tips and systems to organize your life, find you more time each day, and organizing your space. Featured at Barnes and Noble, Costco, Office Depot, and wherever books are sold.  Get your autographed copies here!

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BEST BUY! The "Organized in No Time!" Package
Start your new year off right!

$65.00 as a Package (Regular $79!)

Attention: Busy Women (and Men) Looking to Simplify and Organize Life! Do you want to get  organized and lower the stress in your life? Today you can! This complete set of Marcia's "Best of the best" information in print will give you the time you need and the organized life you are looking for -all in one package!

This package includes The Organizing Pro's famous Letter Opener with "Conquer the Mail Pile" tips to clean any countertop with mail. And it's a FR*EE BONUS in this offer only.

This is it - the success system to follow to get your LIFE organized (ok, and your closet, paper piles, photos, garage, office, drawers, shelves, children, holidays - you name it, we covered it!) This is the system that will change your life - all in one package! Don't work harder - get smarter.
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PACKAGE #5 Items

DVDs ONLY (5b)
7 Week DVD set

$49.00 (Regular $69)

Now you can watch the seven training sessions and learn how to organize your life - in just 7 weeks! What a great way to see and hear Marcia Ramsland teach the book and Bible Study and see charts, tips, and "Before and After" photos to inspire you to organize your life - at home, at work, and your time.



Book & Workbook ONLY
For Individual Participant (Discount for 10 or more sets)

$25.00 (Save $5)

 Now you can get your combination book and Workbook for a savings!
Once you view the DVD session, you will do your Homework reading the book and workbook. Remember 7-Weeks to a New You! with this study!

There are discounts on orders of 10 or more to only $20 for the book and workbook combination. Email or call the Office to place your order (858) 217-6320.



Workbook ONLY (5d)

Companion Workbook to Simplify Your Life book
$15.00 Spiral Workbook

The Simplify Your Life Workbook is your tool to apply all the ideas you read about in Simplify Your Life! Laid out in a 7-week plan and divided for day by day progress, this is the key to taking action to get organized! 48 pages spiral bound including colored front and back covers.
Workbook Download ONLY (5e)
$13.00 download (5e) (Regular $15!)
This is the same workbook available for you to download right now!

Companion Workbook to Download
$15.00 download (Regular $20!) (5LG)

The LEADER'S GUIDE is perfect for anyone leading the Simplify Your Book and Bible Study "7 Weeks to a New You!" Available for you to download right now!


   These three books will change your life with practical tips you never thought of!
Simplify Your Life

Get Organized and Stay That Way!


Organize Your Life
Is it really possible to simplify your life? The answer is a resounding "yes!" IF you have the right tips and systems in place. With fast-paced, step-by-step instructions, Simplify Your Life walks you through refreshing new ways to manage your daily schedule, your life at home and at work, and special seasons of your life such as the holidays, parenting, and life transitions. 
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Simplify Your Time

Stop Running & Start Living!


Organize Your Time
Do you have more things to do than time to do them? Gain control of your day by learning how to save time, spend time, capture time, and multiply your time. In 30 days (or less) learn practical skill that help you trade time-wasters for time-savers in Simplify Your Time.
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Simplify Your Space

Stop Running & Start Living!


Organize Your Home and Office
It's a fact: too much stuff complicates our lives. Simplify Your Space offers the simple, clean look you want and deserve with room-by-room solutions for home and work. Stand at the door of any room - and organize like a pro! »More Info

Buy any combination of the 3 books and SAVE!

$100.00 (SAVE $50.00)  Great for gifts or group purchase! Now you can order 10 books to have for family & friends, for your group, or coworkers. Buy either 3 sets of 3 plus one, or 10 of the same book, or 10 of your choice. [Note: This offer is good only on the three book "Simplify for Success" series. It does not apply to Simplify Your Holidays.


CD: Proverbs 31 Time Tips
Bible Study AND Bible Study Worksheet
$10.00 (Reg. $15.00)

Proverbs 31 is the longest passage in the Bible on women and a masterpiece of time management for today's busy woman. This audio Bible Study including handout covers the Proverbs 31 woman's To Do's, relationships, time goals, and activities. You won't be the same after this inspiring study!
BONUS  Worksheet included!


   Booklets are a great way to get powerful tips in the shortest amount of time.
   Easy to mail to clients and friends in a letter size envelope. BIG impact in a short
   amount of time!
Ages and Stages Booklet


Ages and Stages of Getting Children Organized!
By Marcia Ramsland
$5 Booklet OR Download for $4!

   This is a "MUST HAVE" booklet is for every parent and teacher  to cover with children. This includes:

  • An "Age Level Growth Chart" for kids Birth through
    High School (7 stages you MUST teach them!)
  • An easy, personalized "Memory Book" instructions to handle all your child's school papers
  • Five Steps to get your child to clean their room -
     every day!
  • Time Tips for Parents ... to smooth out stressful days

Quick and easy tips for kids and parents to start today! 

Download Booklet

How to Be the Organized Woman of Proverbs 31
by Ruth Wong
$5 Booklet

This beautiful  devotional booklet can organize you A-Z in just 26 days. Every page features an organizing tip with an inspirational reading. At the end of the page is room for you to apply one  organizing step.

Written in a thought provoking and heart warming way by Professional Organizer, Ruth Wong, of Hawaii, this booklet inspire you to be the organized person you want to be every day.


      You don't need to work harder than you are to keep up in life—you need new ideas! Be sure to pick up a package, books or CDs that will give you the jump-start you need to be the organized, productive person you were meant to be. I know you can do it. Thousands of audience participants and clients have already!

Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro

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Dear Marcia,    

     "I must admit that I bought your book on a "whim" during my last trip at Wal-mart.  I love to read "organizing / time management" books with the hopes that I can miraculously turn myself into an organized person overnight.  To date, this miraculous act had never happened." 

     "Your book has been the first book that actually has made sense to me!  For years, I have asked "organized" co-workers/ friends, how they became so "organized."  While their tips were good, their tips were never broken down into simple/do-able tasks. I would try them for awhile and then lose interest as I didn't understand how to make them habits for myself. I have made much progress in the past few weeks!  Thank you!

Dana Hall
Gaylord, Michigan

Praise for
Simplify Your Space

      “In Simplify your Space
Marcia Ramsland hits all of the important nails squarely on their organizing heads. …she provides a doable and comprehensive plan for upgrading the harmony
of the home.”

—Sandra Felton,
The Organizer Lady (TM)
Author, Organizing for Life
"But, Marcia,
You Haven't Seen
MY Mess!"

True I haven't seen your office, home, or calendar but I have organized hundreds of clients as a Professional Organizer. And there are solutions that work in every situation. Plus by listening to and reading my ideas, you will think of how to become a problem solving Pro, an Organizing Pro yourself, to simplify stressful moments.

How does this work?

For example, do you want to know how to organize your paperwork? Pop in the "Simplify Your Paperwork" CD as you drive and get in on the FIVE FOLDERS that will clear your mail piles once and for all.

Do you want to see the diagrams on how to organize your desk? Pull out my book "Simplify Your Life: Get Organized and Stay that Way" and follow the "work life" chapter with step-by-step directions. This one chapter will show you how to BEST arrange your desktop, label your files, and find time to get the paperwork done - today!

        This is the jump start kit you need to keep you from "spinning your wheels!" The systems and tips are simple and easy to apply to your life immediately …. And proven and tested with thousands of audiences and clients since that day in 1985 when I decided, “I’ve GOT to get organized!”
Click here to find out more about the Deluxe "One of Everything" Package!






























































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