POSTED: 01.07.2011

The Two Minute Pickup For Paperwork

TOPICS: Paperwork, Time Management

Before you walk away from your desk, spend two minutes tying up loose ends such as:

1. Clear off the center of your desk and jot down your next three action items for your return.

2. Straighten the papers you were working on and put away any files.

3. Enter new information into your database and toss scraps of paper.

4. Return pens, paper clips, and stapler to their rightful homes.

5. “Stair-step” your priority paperwork by putting the most important to-do items on top, and the next ones showing under that.

6. Send an e-mail to move an action forward or respond to a question.

7. Prioritize telephone calls you need to make when you return.

8. Pencil-mark the spot where you stopped reading.

9. Clear away all clutter, and push in your chair.

10. Take items with you that can be delivered or mailed so that you can get them out of your work area.

Excerpt from Simplify Your Life: Get Organized and Stay That Way!

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  1. My desk needs this 2 minute pick me up! Thanks for the great advice as usual. The website looks GREAT!

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