POSTED: 06.12.2012

Is the Timing Right?

TOPICS: Time Management

To simplify your life and get organized and stay that way, you have to have the right time in life.

Just deciding to get organized isn’t enough. You have to have a good time in your life.

Here are several times that work.

Can you think of good timing to get organized? Usually it happens when . . .

– when company is coming
– when your spouse is coming home from a trip
– when you are about to go on vacation
– when you have “down time,” and have watched all the reruns of your favorite show

Those times I call Motivational Moments when you play a game of quick catch up to make a deadline. Better yet, here are three other times of my favorites:

1) Weekly Routine – Make a new plan for Monday through Friday to do one thing a day so you don’t have to do so much on the weekend:

Monday- Organize a drawer or shelf in your closet/dresser
Tuesday- Take out the trash
Wednesday – Do two loads of laundry
Thursday – Clean up a Pile Day (Any pile of books or papers will do!)
Friday – Last laundry day before the weekend.

2) Weekend Project– I love to do at least one thing per Saturday morning so we are free the rest of the weekend and yet we got something done at home. So it might look like this:

June – lst Saturday: Mow lawn and spruce up the yard
June – 2nd Saturday: Organize Closet for summer vacation
June – 3rd Saturday: Catchup on home office mail/papers
June – 4th Saturday: Wash and vacuum car for summer fun trips away

3) Monthly Project – This is the way to stay ahead on errands and big projects. You just write 1-3 projects and then use spare time to get them done. It could be something like paint a bedroom, organize a photo book, catch up on Thank You notes, pay bills early this month. Whatever you are not getting done, simplify your life and set a time to do it!

Timing is Everything to Get Something Done!

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