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Organize Paper, Email, and Computer!

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NEW Online Organizing Course!

Would you like to live clutterfree, create a smooth running home, & organize your paperwork, email and computer files? You can learn how to simplify these areas right now!

The Class: Simplify Your Life: 21 Days to a NEW Organized You!”

Have you ever wanted to “see” in pictures how to get organized? Hear directly from Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro, how to do all the steps written in her books? This is your chance!

Now for the first time you can see Marcia Ramsland teach “Simplify Your Life: Get Organized and Stay that Way” online as a webinar series!

You can:

* Watch and learn from your own computer!
* Ask questions on the webinar, through email, or Facebook.
* Apply what you are learning by reading along in the book, doing the 5 days of Homework, and listening to the Proverbs 31 CD.

What Will We Be Covering Each Session?

Book Reading and Workbook Pages

Week 1 – Simply Begin Your Journey & System #1: Kitchen

Chapter 1 – Simplifying Is a Personal Journey (Book pg. 1)
Chapter 6 – Maximize Mealtimes (Book pg. 69)

Week 2 – Simplify Your Time & System #2: Laundry & Closet

Chapter 2 – Simplify Your Weekly Calendar (Book pg. 15)
Chapter 7 – Lighten Up Laundry and Closets (Book pg. 81)

Week 3 – Simplify Each Day & System #3: Cleaning & Clutter

Chapter 3 – Simplify Your Daily Schedule (Book pg. 27)
Chapter 8 – Conquer Cleaning (Book pg. 93)

Week 4 – A POC, Your Mail & Daily Paperwork, Projects (February 20)

Chapter 4 – A Personal Organizing Center, Daily Mail/Paperwork
Chapter 9 – System #4: Power through Projects

Week 5 – Create Great Days. Conquer Your Email & Paperwork (February 27)

Chapter 5 – Simplify Have a Great Day
Chapter 10 – Simplify Your Worklife, Paperwork, Email and Computer Files

Week 6 –Organize Your Family Life. Simplify the Holidays. (March 13)

Chapter 11 – Simplify Your Parenting and Familylife
Chapter 12 – Simplify Your Holidays

Week 7 – Big Review, Marcia’s Personal Story and Transitions (March 20)

Chapter 13 – Simplify Your Life Transitions
Chapter 14 – Simply Put – You Can Do This!

For Class You need 3 Resources:

1) The Book: Simplify Your Life: Get Organized and Stay that Way!

The three Week Webinar Study is based on this book and we will cover half the book in these 3 weeks.

2) The Workbook: NEW Companion Workbook. to Simplify Your Life book.

NEW Workbook Cover, easier to hold, and back to back pages make it easier to use than the prior spiral workbook. The content is the same.)

3) CD: Step Up to a Proverbs 31 Lifestyle.

This is Marcia’s study with biblical truth that will help you with your Homework pages each day.

If you already have 1 or 2 of the 3 resources, then just register for the 3 Webinars. It will include the material from the DVD study plus new materials.

Register for Only the 3 Webinar Class Sessions Here.

Participant Class Comments:

“”My best “Success Story” personally for me so far is cleaning off the bridge and counter in the kitchen. My husband came in and he was shocked! He loves me coming to class! He also was impressed with his dresser drawers.The Homework was excellent and so good to do little at a time so that I did not feel overwhelmed with all I had to do. Step by step helps to feel successful.” — Ann D.

“The book reading was wonderful. It gave lots of examples of “real” life situations that give ideas to actual life circumstances that one can relate to. It was also easy to read.” — Nicole D.

“The Homework disciplined me to do the work. The Bible study is helpful because it puts a reason behind it all.” — Bobbie G.

“I thought I could never get my closet in order. It was as if it owned me. Marcia Ramsland’s class gave me step by step directions where to start and how to finish. I gave away 160 pounds!!! And I feel great!! It is such a relief to go into my closet now and I know what I kept are my best looking outfits. Not only that, now I can think about going shopping for the new styles this fall without feeling guilty!” — Trish H.

“My favorite part of the course is Marcia’s encouragement “You can do this!” – Starting small and working up to big projects.The person that was most impressed with my changes was my mom and husband. He said “I wish your class wasn’t ending.” It has been wonderful for our family.” — Wendy H.

Email any Questions to:

This webinar is right for you if you are ready to get organized and STAY that way – in just 21 days!

Remember – Success breeds success when it comes to good organization. And every victory counts toward the overall goal of simplifying your life!


Everything in One!

$99 (regular $185)

We highly recommend getting Webinar Parts I and II and the Class Materials for the fullest benefit. Total $99 for All 7 Webinar Classes and materials. You’ll be glad you did!

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