POSTED: 01.31.2013

Who’s in Control of Your Time?

TOPICS: Time Management

Have you been busy lately? Working late and dishes piling up at home? Then it’s time to relieve calendar overload!

Step-by-Step Move Back into Control
When I organize my clients, I often start with their calendar – the place that created the stressful lifestyle they are in. I suggest the following calendar tips to create the calm in your life you need to function at your best.

1. Clean up your calendar by listing all the events, appointments, and due dates you have coming up for the next three months. Now you’ve cleared your mind of mental reminders and can relax.

2. Fill in birthdays, anniversaries, and vacation days for the rest of the year. Better yet, schedule it once on your electronic calendar and have it “Repeat” yearly. Done for good!

3. Limit the number of weekend nights out to one or two on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You need weekend “downtime” at home.

4. Balance the number of weeknights out (Monday – Thursday) to no more than two, especially if you have demanding day responsibilities.

5. Plan time in the evenings or on the weekend to catch up on laundry, paperwork, and tasks at home.
You’ll feel relieved when you are caught up!

Say “No” When Things Are Out of Control
“My number one time principle is, “Say no when things are out of control.” plan time to catch up on laundry, your kitchen and closet and immediately save thirty minutes each morning.

Does Being Organized at Home Help Your Work Performance?

“Personal order is a good basis for professional excellence. Try it, and you’ll see that it’s true: “When you work orderly, you think in an orderly way.” That’s a great way to live.”

Calendar Users Are Easier to Work With
People who use their calendars regularly are more productive and easier to work with. They include everything in their life in one place and have a sense of which days of the week work best for certain activities.

(Like this article? You’ll find 101 Time Tips and more Time-Saving articles in Simplify Your Time: Stop Running and Start Living by Marcia Ramsland.)

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